1Competent authority after passing order becomes functus officio, hence cannot modify it's order retrospectively. After receiving benefits, the employee cannot raise Objection on mode of execution of order.2021 LHC 748lhc748
2Narcotics Substance Act--9-C, if safe custody of samples, sent for forensic analysis or in Malkhana is not proved, the conviction will strike down on this score alone.
2021 LHC 751
2021 LHC 751lhc748
3302 PPC-Murder reference in negative - eye witness remain in line but Prosecution remain failed in proving motive and recovery of weapon. Death sentence converted into life2021 LHC 841lhc748
4Sec 12(2), O. XXII CPC, it is not necessary to frame issue while deciding the application under section 12(2)--- O. XXII, if right to sue survive against the remaining respondent, than it is not only the duty of plaintiff to intimate the death of one of the respondent to court, rather the other respondents are equally liable to disclose this fact before the court---if right to sue survive against the surviving respondent, than non-implement of legal heirs in the pending proceedings is not fatal to the merits of the proceedings, unless it cause some serious prejudice to the legal heirs2021 LHC 926lhc748
5Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi Case - Section 3(6) examined on the touchstone of "adequate remedy"---- "adequate remedy"-explained ---- Detention order can only be judicially reviewed on the ground of reasonability and objectivity ---- Petition dismissed2021 LHC 1226lhc748
6It is misconception to assert
that the appointment and/or change of inquiry officer is a
separate and independent administrative and executive
action not falling within the scope of disciplinary
proceedings and hence out of the purview of the bar
contained under Article 212 - Writ jurisdiction in such matters can not be invoked because such matters relate to terms and conditions of service of civil servant
2021 LHC 1256lhc748
7Order of discharge of an accused by Magistrate is an administrative order for which revision is not maintainable---- the complainant of the crime report has the right to be informed about the development made in the crime report lodged----. Discharge orders by the Magistrate on the basis of discharge report by I.O in ignorance of the factum of change of investigation is not mainatinable.2021 LHC 1262lhc748